Gender plan

The Biomedical Research Institute of Girona (IDIBGI) belongs to the group of CERCA centres. This group bases its activity on respect and equality between the people involved. Both the research management and the eligibility, employability, institutional representation, distribution of resources and evaluation policies must be based on the fair evaluation of people and avoid possible bias and discriminatory tendencies.

In the European Union women are 50% of university students, and 45% of the doctorates, but instead only represent one third of the research staff. This situation has not changed practically in the last 10 years.

Although research women have begun to enter strongly in some scientific fields, this increase in numbers is not an evidence of the absence of the gender bias. It prevents the full participation of women in science, which obstructs the academic meritocracy and at the same time limits the human resources necessary to make progress in competitiveness during the next decade.

The implementation of appropriate action guidelines must lead to a situation of balance that will generate more creativity and excellence in the scientific and technological dynamics of the centre.

To this end, the IDIBGI Board of Trustees renewed, in June 2018, its Equality Plan, in which it defined the measures to be implemented in the next four years and a Commission has been created to monitor its development.

IDIBGI puts at the disposal of its work and research staff the e-mail for any communication that you want to transfer to the Management of the institution related to equality issues, so to make suggestions that can improve the conditions of equality in the institute or to identify inequality situations.