Control Engineering and intelligent systems - medicine and health


Strategic objectives

The research group eXiT (Control Engineering and Intelligent Systems, GRTC 61 at the University of Girona) focuses its work on decision support systems, case-based reasoning, machine learning and optimization.

One line of research is improving the quality of healthcare through innovative applications of artificial intelligence. All this research activity is collected eXiT is also working on research projects and technology transfer working closely with clinicians and health service providers.

Main lines of research

During 2014, eXiT-Health is working intensively on two activities:

- Development of systems to support decision making for monitoring premature babies at home
- Development a learning pattern that will help with the reahabilitation of patients after a hip operation.

Group Leader
Beatriz López
Bianca Innocenti
Joaquim Meléndez
Carles Pous
Post-doctorate researchers
Andrés El Fakid
Francisco I. Gamero
Albert Pla
Post-graduate researchers
Pablo Gay
Jordi Coll
Natalia Mordvaniuk
Roberto Petite

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