Health and Healthcare


Strategic objectives

The group's objectives for the next three years are:

1. Consolidate and pursue research in health promotion in hospitals and health centers.
2. Evaluate the implementation of health promotion at the University.
3. Spreading literacy in health in different environments.
4. Promote the health and quality of life in the aging process.
5. Promote health and quality of life for people with cancer, stroke or in critical condition.
6. Development of a map of institutions working in health promotion in the region.
7. To promote networking with individuals, groups and institutions of Mediterranean countries.
8. Promote the incorporation of a gender perspective in all activities in which the group participates.
9. Continue with the training and skills assessment in emergency situations.

Main lines of research

The research being carried out by the Group is organized into four major areas of work: Health Promotion in the field of health services, mental health and elderly, as well as in emergencies and health in women, gender and health.

Health promotion

Research in Health Promotion covers a wide range of actions in several areas:

Health institutions: quality evaluation both in the organization and in the care; as well as assessing the skills of health professionals.

Educational institutions such as schools and universities.

Community collectives of users of health services

Strategies: health literacy

Health care and quality of life of people in critical condition; with neurological problems; with mental health problems or with cancer.

Seniors and carers

In this research is carried out in the framework of care for the elderly dependency and fragile population. We will like to point out the research aimed at improving the quality of life of informal carers and the development of tools for the assessment of dependence in general.

Women, Gender and Health

The research developed in this area is designed to provide the scientific knowledge needed to develop interventions that revert elements discriminators existing in health care and affect the health professions, health professionals and users themselves.

Health emergencies

The work done in this field has to do with the assessment of skills in the framework of basic and advanced resuscitation and the creation of new tools for assessing professional competence. This activity takes placer in the group laboratory in the Science Park.


Group Leader 

Dolors Juvinyà
Post-doctorate researchers
Carme Bertran
Concepció Fuentes
Bernat Carles Serdà
Rosa Sunyer
Post-graduate researchers
David Ballester
Neus Brugada
Almerinda Domingo
Maria del Carme Malagon
Josep Olivet
Marta Vilanova
Cristina Vilarò

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