Health Psychology


Main lines of research

The research lines of the group are included in the field of health psychology. The perspective is, therefore, biopsychosocial. The priority lines of research are:
Sexual behaviour of risk and prevention of AIDS, other STD and unwanted pregnancies.
Behaviour of risk and prevention for users of motor vehicles and pedestrians.
Substance dependence.
Stress, pain and quality of life.
Quality of life during aging.
Processes of loss and mourning.
Research in education in Health Psychology.

Group Leaders
M. Eugènia Gras and Montserrat Planes
Post-doctorate researchers
Maria Aymerich
Natàlia Cebrián
Mònica Cunill
Sílvia Font-Mayolas
Armand Grau
Josefina Patiño
Rosa Suñer
Maria Carme Timoneda
Post-graduate researchers
Anna Belén Gómez
Francesc Prat

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