Micelab - Modelling, Indentification and Control Engineering

Strategic Objectives

The group Modelling, Identification and Control Engineering (MiceLab), led by Dr. Josep Veh. is a multidisciplinary research group within the Institute of Informatics and Applications at the University of Girona. The group was founded in 2000 and since 2005 is recognized by the Generalitat of Catalonia as a "consolidated research group."

MiceLab has been researching new technologies for diabetes since 2004, reaching more than two million euros in funding thanks to various competitive projects. The group has worked on modeling and control diabetes; glucose prediction including the uncertainty and variability intra-patient; optimization of insulin therapy; identifying models of gastric emptying and absorption of carbohydrates; algorithms for calibration of continuous monitors glucose; developing closed-loop control algorithms for type 1 diabetic patients, for critical patients and detection of failures in insulin pumps and continuous monitors.

Main lines of research

Continuous Glucose Monitoring

• Calibration algorithms
• Detection of wrong measurements

Modelling and simulation

• Intra-patient variability modelled using interval models
• Posprandial response for mixed meals. Mixed meal library
• Generation of virtual patients representing real cohorts
• Lifestyle simulation, including exercise

Open-loop glucose control

• Algorithms for postprandial hypoglycaemia risk assessment

• SAFE: open-loop control algorithms for insulin pumps

Artificial pancreas

• Closed loop posprandial control. Enhanced and safer algorithms

• Fault detection and supervision: fault detection for insulin pumps. Monitoring of patient condition


Group Leader

Josep Vehí
Senior researchers
Joaquim Armengol
Remei Calm
Francisco Llaneras
Ningsu Luo
Post-doctorate researchers
Ivan Contreras
Aleix Beneyto
Anna Carreras
Anna Comas

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