Protein Engineering

Strategic Objectives

1. To give solutions to two major health challenges for the European population:

No-mutagenic and most effective new drugs for the treatment of cancer
Deepen in the mechanism of neurodegenerative diseases caused by protein aggregation processes with the ultimate goal to achieve in future potential inhibitors of these pathological processes.

2. Technology transfer: patents of improved forms of antitumor drugs.

Main lines of research

- Development of antitumor drugs not mutagenic for the treatment of ovarian cancer and non-microcitic lung cancer.
- Study of structural and aggregation determinants of the proteins Apoptin and TDP-43, using nuclear magnetic resonance and isotope labeling of the fragments involved in the aggregation processes that lead to apoptosis.


Group Leaders

Antoni Benito and Marc Ribó
Senior researchers
Maria Vilanova
Post-doctorate researchers
Jessica Castro
Anna Vert
Post-graduate researchers
Mariona Callís
Glòria García
Veronica Gordo
Santiago Ruiz
David Soler

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