Statistics, Econometrics and Health (Grecs)

Main lines of research

The central area of research is statistical modeling in different areas.

The first is Health Econometrics. It could be defined as the application of econometrics and other quantitative approaches in Health Economics. But it is not just the mere application of econometric instruments to some data from the field of health sciences, but it has developed specific new statistical tools to analyze emerging issues. That's why this field contains theoretical-methodological research, and applied research such as:

1. Use of health services.
2. Personal and territorial inequalities in health.
3. Management of health services.
4. Analysis of the relationship between employment and temporary disability.
5. Prescription, utilization and cost reduction in the treatment of hypertension.
6. Estimated costs of diseases.

Regarding methodological issues:

1. Generalized Linear Models.
2. Nonparametric statistics.
3. Mixed Models.
4. Longitudinal models.
5. Multivariate survival analysis.
6. Spatial Statistics.
7. Geographic Analysis.
8. Meta-analysis.

The second area, in order of importance, is Statistics, Econometrics and Data Quality Survey, which is developed from a more theoretical and methodological aspect. First, the structural equation models with latent variables, where it is estimated relationships between variables measured with error. Our research aims at extending the methodology to treat as ordinal scales, the missing data, hierarchical structures and nonlinear relationships. This line of work leads to a more general improvement of the design and analysis of questionnaires, which we recently applied to measure quality of life, quality of products and services, and social networks (type and intensity of links between people or institutions) values and welfare of children, and the economic evaluation of diseases.

Among the applications of this line of research will indicate, among others:

1. Short-term effects of air pollution and other environmental factors on health.
2. Analysis of the factors that determine the occurrence of bacterial resistance.
3. Measurement of quality in the services sector.
4. Capital and performance.


Group members

Group Leader: Marc Sáez

Post-doctorate researchers

Maria Antònia Barceló

Germà Coenders

Lluís Coromina

Berta Ferrer

Laia Maynou

Gemma Osca

Montserrat Puig

Gemma Renart

Carme Saurina

Laura Serra

Laura Vall·llosera

Post-graduate researchers

Elena Arroyo

Basili Bragulat

Carme Cañizares




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