The Institut d’Investigació Biomèdica Dr. Josep Trueta de Girona (IDIBGI) is a CERCA Research Institution supported by a Foundation. CERCA is the public Catalan network of research Institutes (


IDIBGI is a mixed organization involving the health system and the university. It is mainly linked to the Dr. Josep Trueta University Hospital (HUJT) / Catalan Health Institute (ICS), that it is a tertiary hospital being the reference hospital of a region around 800,000 inhabitants. Other health institutions linked to IDIBGI are the Healthcare Institute (IAS), the Institute for Diagnostic Imaging (IDI), the Catalan Institute of Oncology (ICO), the Blood and Tissue Bank (BST) and the Primary Care Research Institute (IDIAP) Jordi Gol in Girona. As of the university system, the University of Girona (UdG) is the major actor, and the University School of Health and Sport (EUSES) is also linked to UdG and IDIBGI.

IDIBGI's mission is to promote an environment that favours translational research to improve the health of people, with a vision to be a biomedical research centre that contributes to make the Girona region a healthy aging ecosystem, becoming a model of reference for Catalonia and the rest of the world.

About 400 professionals are linked to the IDIBGI, mostly coming from surrounding hospitals, representing the main asset of the institution. The activity of the Institute is based on knowledge management, with the ultimate goal of developing treatments and techniques that improve the lives of citizens. IDIBGI maintains important epidemiologic registries regarding cancer, cardiovascular diseases and dementia & mental health.

The location of IDIBGI in Girona represents a key environment in which the institute works closely with hospitals and University. The institute is also deeply committed to the society and has an important number of local business and enterprises as donors.


IDIBGI’s Strategic Objectives are:

  • Create an international atmosphere within the Institute and strengthen the international positioning of the IDIBGI’s research groups.
  • Directing the IDIBGI activity towards scientific excellence through specialization and orientation of the activity towards multidisciplinary and translational research.
  • Promote the integration and the generation of alliances with entities of the academic, scientific, technological and business environment at a regional, national and international level.
  • Consolidate the support structure of the IDIBGI at the level of processes, as well as adaptation of common spaces and infrastructures based on the needs of researchers.
  • Develop a HR policy aimed at attracting and consolidating research talent and promote and maintain the competitiveness of the IDIBGI by evaluating the activity developed and the results obtained by the research groups.
  • Strengthen the identity of the IDIBGI among the entities that compose it and increase the visibility and dissemination of the activity and research results of the Institute.


Candidate profile

IDIBGI is seeking applicants with a proven-track record in leadership, a distinguished record of scientific excellence and the innovative thinking necessary to lead a dynamic organisation. The elected candidate must meet the challenge of increasing the scientific level of the IDIBGI and boosting the institute’s translational research being carried out.

The IDIBGI is an equal opportunities employer and female candidates are strongly encouraged to send their applications.


Applicants’ profile:

  1. PhD or comparable degree in Biomedical Sciences.
  2. Distinguished record of scientific excellence in Biomedicine.
  3. Research management experience and demonstrated innovative thinking to lead a dynamic organization.
  4. Knowledge of strategic planning, resource allocation and human resources management.
  5. Experience in managing international research projects. Knowledge of international research programs (H2020, NIH, etc.) will be considered as a value.
  6. A certain level of clinical background.
  7. Knowledge of the Spanish and Catalan Scientific, Health and University system.
  8. Professional experience in an inter-institutional environment will be considered as a value.
  9. Positive evaluation in programs of professional excellence in the field of research (ICREA, etc.) will be considered an added value.
  10. The candidate’s role as a principal investigator of projects funded in competitive calls will be considered an added value.
  11. The elected candidate will commit to incorporate his/her line and research activity, as well as his/her resources available for execution, in IDIBGI.
  12. Ability to develop and execute innovation and transfer projects in the field of biomedicine (Responsible Research Innovation (RRI)).
  13. Advanced level of proficiency in English and Catalan or Spanish


Salary will be commensurate with experience and competences. Concrete conditions will be negotiated during the selection process.

Moreover, incorporation in a short term period to IDIBGI, after the selection process, will be also considered an added value.


Job description:

The director will have the following duties:

  • Manage, organize and lead the research and innovation activities at IDIBGI
  • Provide scientific vision and strategic goals for the IDIBGI.
  • Submit the research activities program and annual operational budget to the members of the Board of Trustees.
  • Guarantee financial sustainability and provide for sources of income (competitive funds, private sponsors, …)
  • Supervising the economic activities and control the human resources management, with direct involvement in those issues related to selection or adscription of research positions.
  • Represent the Institute at official and social events, in coordination with the President and other members of the Board of trustees.
  • Any other functions that might be approved by the Board of Trustees


Director responsibilities:

  • Defining a strategic plan and monitoring its implementation. Reporting at meetings of the Board of trustees.
  • Keep CERCA and Generalitat de Catalunya regularly informed of the Institute’s progress
  • Participating in the periodic CERCA evaluation of IDIBGI.
  • Leading and managing the innovation, generated technology and knowledge transfer strategy and activities related thereof. Defining a model for innovation/translation in IDIBGI.
  • Coordinating periodic scientific assessments of IDIBGI’s research programmes and core facilities, and implementing recommendations of the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB).
  • To promote and support, with direct involvement, the development of the IDIBGI’s main strategic research lines.
  • Leading a strategy for the Internal Scientific Committee and ensure their regular meetings
  • Leading the elaboration and timely delivery of the IDIBGI Annual Scientific Report.
  • Promoting research in the IDIBGI area of influence (hospitals and university), motivating and facilitating those professionals the possibility to initiate their research.
  • Negotiating contracts for new group leaders or programme coordinators, whenever appropriate.
  • Participating in strategic decision-making, such as in the case of strategic alliances with other research institutions, in line with IDIBGI’s mission, structure and background.
  • Keeping permanent contact with the Universitat de Girona, in order to make agreements to coordinate strategies, activities, research infrastructures and technical services
  • Communicating and disseminate the IDIBGI research activities.
  • Managing the IDIBGI research infrastructures.
  • Defining strategies and actively seek for increasing the financial capabilities and sources of income of IDIBGI.
  • Signing the commitment to the CERCA Code of Conduct and implementing it in IDIBGI


Contact information

Applicants should send a CV and a cover letter by e-mail to the Director of CERCA at Preselected candidates will be asked to prepare and present an Action Plan related to IDIBGI’s Strategic Plan.


Selection of candidates

Suitable candidates will be identified in a ranked list by three members of the SAB, drawing upon the input of any other expert that the SAB might require.

The Board of trustees will be responsible for the final steps of the selection process. The Board of trustees may create an ad hoc Commission involving some of its members in order to provide a short list of the pre-selected candidates. Candidates included in the short list may be invited to visit the IDIBGI and meet the ad hoc Commission for a final interview. The results of these interviews would be presented to the Board of trustees. This will designate the new Director.

The appointment will be for a period of 4 years, which could be extended in agreement with the Board of Trustees of the Foundation.


Tentative Calendar

September 29th               Call for applications opens deadline

October 31st                     Application deadline ends

November 15th                      List of prioritized candidates by SAB

November 29th                Short list of pre-selected candidates chosen by the ad hoc Commission

December 14th                 The Board of Trustees appoints the new Director

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